They come in the Spring and check our air conditioning systems, and they change the filter in the furnace. Upstairs there is an intake in the ceiling which Lennox no longer supplied us with filters for. The technician told me where we could get the filter right away. In fall they check our furnace for heating. I am 83 I have lived here all my life, we have had Ahren's since Ahren's owned it.
-Bruce Backer

Ahrens is prompt, they are very knowledgeable and dependable for emergencies. One winter our furnace went out, they were very prompt about it. Overall ,above what we expect for service. They were very, very, concerned. What really caught my attention was when the fellas came in my house, they took their shoes off. They put down protective sheets- that was very nice, very courteous, was not expected. Whenever we had a problem we called Ahren's because they were very good. We always had them back for work. They are doing a great job, keep it up.
-Marlice Behrens

I bought a furnace through Ahrens 30 years ago, and they come by and adjust my air conditioning and furnace every year. My service technician is always courteous and knowledgeable, overall my experience with Ahrens has been good.
-James Boeck

Ahrens put in an air conditioner for us a couple years ago. We had a little trouble with ours and they had to come back a few times. But it works great ever since, it's still working now. I had a lot of questions, I went right up into the attic with them, and they told me how it worked. I wanted them to explain all the things so I could understand it. I like the fact they are in my home, always available, very courteous, and helpful. I feel like I can always call them
-Becky Braegelman

Ahrens Heating Inc. does the spring and fall check up for the air conditioning and the furnace. They have even done some repair work on my garage heater. I would recommend Ahrens to family and friends.
-Keith Christopherson

I have used Ahrens exclusively for the past 2 years! They provide me with furnace and air conditioning sales and service. For as often as I call them, they should just show up automatically. They are great!
-John Dietz